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Wheelings & Dealings: Google Takes a Big Step in 3D Graphics with the Acquisition of drawElements

Google has recently acquired a Finnish firm called drawElements, a company specializing in providing 3D graphics for mobile phones. The exact terms of the agreement is not known, though it is believed that Google paid an eight-figure mark to acquire the company.


Sprint Extends Partnership with Google to Offer Google Apps for Business

Sprint has a strong history of partnering with Google to support an open philosophy that integrates the products and services that consumers value and enjoy during the mobile experience.


Google Moves Closer to Development of Smart Contact Lens

Google is actively pursuing the development of a smart contact lens, announcing this week that the company will partner with pharmaceutical giant Novartis to produce prototypes within the year. No terms of the deal were disclosed.


Google Warns Mobile Users of Websites That Don't Work on Their Devices

Google will start warning mobile users when sites in its search results might not work on their devices.


Google Increases Cloud Storage Service

Google is offering businesses more free cloud storage as a means of competing with similar services offered by Amazon Web Service and Microsoft.


Google's Android Auto Takes a Virtualized Approach to Connected Car Entertainment

Connected cars are becoming more mainstream as operators are building out the necessary 3G and 4G connectivity to enable advanced apps for infotainment and telematics. Meanwhile, technology for streaming content from a smartphone or performing remote diagnostics is becoming increasingly embedded into new car makes and models. And all of this is being driven by the thirst of the consumer to be always, forever connected-and OS creators are wanting to make the most of the opportunity.


App Annie Looks at Google Play Growth

Just in time for the Google I/O 2014 conference, analytics firm App Annie released a special report detailing the growth Google Play has experienced in the past year.


Hello Vino Now Available in Google Play Store

Selecting the perfect wine just got a whole lot easier for Android users. Hello Vino, Inc announced on today they are bringing the Hello Vino Wine Assistant app to the Google Play Store-along with adding 140,000 retail and restaurant locations.


Davinci Virtual Releases New Mobile Meeting Room Rental App in iTunes and Google Play

Davinci Virtual, which provides virtual office solutions to over 16,000 companies and entrepreneurs in the U.S., has unveiled new mobile app for, which is currently available for the iPhone on iTunes and Android device on Google Play.


Collaboration Tools: Making Remote Workers Even Better

While there were many for a long time that believed that telecommuting could never really take off, the naysayers appear to have lost out, as the telecommuting-now more commonly referred to as "remote working"--field is making some big strides. While it's had its share of setbacks, particularly at places like Yahoo, remote working is still a major part of the field, and new information released from around this shows not only how powerful remote workers can be today, but also what happens when said workers get the right collaboration tools involved.


Esna Collaboration Applications are Now Compatible with Avaya IP Telephony Solutions

Esna Technologies, a company focusing on providing cloud-based communications solutions, has been allowing people to communicate anytime, anywhere, by integrating real-time communications inside the cloud, SaaS and social applications they use daily, like email and CRM.


Google+ for iOS adds Support for Stories and Editing

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, started the developers' conference, WWDC 2014, talking trash about Microsoft and the adoption of its latest PC operating system, Windows 8, followed by how iOS users are much happier than Android users. Depending on what team you're on, you can probably find points to support and contradict those statements, but the fact is these companies rely on each other more than they care to admit. They create products and services that can be used across different devices and platforms, because there are tens of millions of potential customers on each side.


Chrome Stable Receives 'OK Google' Voice Recognition

Tech news organization CNET reported the latest advancement to the Google Chrome browser late last week. Transferring a feature that was once only found in the beta version of the browser, the latest stable version of Chrome can now search for terms in Google search completely hands free. Users need only activate the feature and then say, "OK Google," and the browser will search the Web for any command users speak.


Evolve IP Releases Mobile Unified Communications App for Android

Evolve IP has been helping businesses improve employee productivity in the office and on the road with its unified communications (UC) suite; fully integrating voice, video, instant messaging & presence (IM&P), desktop sharing and audio/web conferencing.


Gmail for Android Now Integrated with Google Drive

Receiving attachments has become a lot easier now with the most recent Gmail update. With the new 4.8 update by Google, announced on May 5, users will be able to save attachments directly to their Google Drive.


Spell Up Chrome Experiment Brings Spelling to Gameplay

Bad spellers of the world untie! It's a popular saying that takes advantage of the fact that "unite" and "untie" share common letters, 60 percent of which are in the exact same place, so making such a spelling error takes quite a bit of doing. Thanks to a new Chrome Experiment from Google, however, bad spellers may have a new reason to get united behind a game that helps augment spelling skills.


AirHelp Helps Airline Customers Recover Lost Cash

When it comes to air travel in the 21st century, there are some companies working hard to make sure we can stay connected, thereby making our flights that much easier.


Google Rolls Out Google Classroom

Google has taken steps to become more involved in the education world with the launch of Google Classroom. This new Google Apps for Education suite will allow teachers to create and organize assignments while also providing feedback to their students. The teachers can also use the application to directly communicate with their students. Google says this application is actually still in the "preview" version and is based on the principle that "educational tools should be simple and easy to use."


Google's Parking Location Card Is Neat, But Not Perfect Just Yet

Google Apps is trying to do battle with an old enemy in Apple's Siri. The search giant seems to understand that the talking virtual assistant has already managed to win the "intelligent verbal helper" market and Google is looking to best its competition by adding more when it comes to the mobile user experience. One little tweak to Google's virtual assistant, Google Now is the ability to quickly and easily mark down where you have parked so you can find your car that much easier when you're ready to head home.


Comings & Goings: The Leader of Google's Social World Set to Leave

Google entered the world of social media with its Google+ product. This unique product was the brain child of Vic Gundotra, and his efforts helped Google to cement its place in social media. Though it is often compared with Facebook, Gundotra worked hard to make it a truly unique product. In fact, Google+ has some features that are not available on other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of the prominent features include circles and hangouts, and the best part of Google+ is that it is integrated with other Google apps such as gmail. In this sense, Gundotra played a major role in helping Google to stave off intense pressure from companies like Facebook.


Siri Watch Out

With the introduction of Google Now, which is a customized assistant for chrome browsers using data card service PC's have the ability to assist users in ways that were previously only available on Android and IOS Google apps. Users now have the ability to save calendar dates, weather updates, sports scores and a full range of personal assistant functionality.


Google Adds 'Insert Photo' Button for Mobile Gmail, Uses Google+'s Auto Backup Feature

Google, the search engine giant and corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products, has one of the most popular e-mail services in the world: Gmail. It is said to have the most powerful digital platform of today, according to a report from Forrester Research. When it comes to free Web-based e-mail, whether for business or personal use, Google Gmail is a users' favorite. It is easy to use and allows the synchronization of a user account to several computers and mobile devices. Many people use it because it has met their specific needs: it is simple, dependable and safe.


Google Removes Restrictions on Live Streaming for Chromecast

In July 2013, Google unveiled its TV dongle, Google Chromecast, allowing customers to watch internet streams directly on their television sets. All a person has to do is plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port of their TV, and they will be able to watch Netflix, Youtube and other forms of internet content directly on their TV. For only $35, the Chromecast seemed like a pretty good deal, however when first unveiled, there was a major restriction on its Youtube streaming service that perhaps lowered the value of the TV dongle. Android Police, a website that focuses on breaking news about Android products, revealed on April 9 that this might be changing.


Will CertainSafe's MicroTokenization End Mass Security Breaches?

Hacking and online theft is on the rise. Mobile users all over the world must find safer ways of sharing information without being worried about someone stealing it. To help users protect themselves from cyber criminals, CertainSafe launched an Android app -version 1.04 that encrypts files so securely it will keep hackers guessing.


Google Adds Profile and Page Views to Google+

Google has been making some interesting moves among its products in order to try and spur more use of services like Google+. The most recent move seems to indicate that the Internet giant understands that more and more people are using Google+ to advance their professional careers and are especially interested in online writing and sharing of links. The newest change to Google+ profiles is one that allows people to see exactly how many followers they have and how many page views they have racked up.


Google Enterprise Honors VIWO with the 2013 SMB Special Contribution Award for North America

VIWO, a premier cloud solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles, recently received the prestigious 2013 SMB Special Contribution Award for North America, from Google Enterprise.


Google Play Updated and Hacked in Less Than a Week

Users of the Google Play store were having some trouble accessing updates recently when a hacker brought down Google's app publishing system. The publishing system known as Google's Developer Console crashed for the first time mid-day Sunday. While something like this might go unnoticed by the common observer, that is until you need an update on that latest app, it was certainly felt in the developer community.


Lantronix Announces Worldwide Availability of xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition

Lantronix, a provider of smart IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity solutions, stated that it has begun shipping its xPrintServer - Cloud Print Edition mobile printing device. Users can leverage this device to enable supported printers to print using cloud print technology from devices powered by Android OS and ChromeOS.


Google Play Announces Expansion to 37 New Countries; 40 New Languages

As a result of this expansion, millions of new users will be able to watch movies using the Google Play App, though much like Netflix, the catalog and availability of titles will depend on the location of the user. The TV catalog will unfortunately remain limited for the time being to the United States, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom.


Esna Technologies Focuses on Cloud, Collaboration and Communication

The way businesses and consumers communicate is completely changing. Tools are available in the cloud that improve productivity and collaboration, and new technologies like video enable real-time interaction.


Google Drops Prices for Drive Cloud Storage

Google Drive is a powerful tool for everything from spreadsheets to word processing, but the real advantage that Drive offers is in cloud storage. Users with a Drive account can access their documents from any computer or mobile device, edit them and save the changes for later use, making Drive a perfect tool for sharing documents. Yesterday, Google made Drive an even more useful tool by lowering the prices for all cloud storage options.


UberConference Announces Add-on for Google Docs

UberConference has launched Google Docs add-on.


Google Offers Cash with Google Apps Referral Program

Google is looking to increase its user base for Google Apps for Business and it is doing it the old fashioned way. It is offering cold hard cash! At the beginning of the week Google announced on its official Enterprise blog site that it is starting a new referral program.


Google Changes Up Cloud Offering in Attempt to Drum Up Business

One of the things that makes Google such a formidable company is that it has quite a few fingers in quite a few pies. While the company has long been thought of as a search engine giant, there are a number of other markets the company dominates. When it isn't dominating in one area or another it makes sure it's trying, such as with the continued rollout of Google Fiber.


Thousands of Classic Books Added to Google Play for Education's Library

Google for Education is an initiative aimed at facilitating educators around the world with the tools needed to provide a quality education through mobile devices and software. Different programs through Google's Education program target students from different age groups, from kindergarten all the way up to higher education, while other tools are aimed directly at teachers and administrators. The newest addition to the program is that Google has recently made thousands of books available to K-12 classrooms as free downloads.


Google Map Gallery and 3TIER Making Wind and Solar Data Sets Available for Free

Clean renewable energy or green energy provides an alternative to fossil fuels that have been polluting the planet since the industrial revolution. The biggest impact being witnessed today in the world with the naked eye is many of the cities in China. With pollution levels of 50 or more times than what is acceptable many days out of the year, the country is facing a crisis that is killing 500,000 people or more every year. Using renewable energy is one way in which China and the rest of the world can make the air we breathe much more tolerable.


Google Adds More Features for its iOS Hangouts

The Android and iOS platforms are two of the most used operating systems for mobile devices in the world. As you might already know, Android is created by Google, while iOS is by Apple, two of the largest companies in the world. With so many consumers using these products, it is only fair to go after their competitors' clients for new products and services-so that iOS customers can use Android solutions, and vice versa.


Project Ara Gets New Life with Ara Developers' Conference

Admittedly, news on the Project Ara front had been somewhat thin on the ground in recent days. The idea that users could essentially make mobile devices customized on at least some points to fit an individual user's desires was a tempting but unlikely thought. But new word suggests that there may be new life to the idea, as Google is reportedly planning a developers' conference for the project, set to take place on a live webstream.


muvee Intros 3 Video Editing Apps in Google Play Store

muvee Device Solutions, a specialist in providing video editing applications for mobile devices, has launched three new apps in the Google Play Store. The apps are designed to trim, zoom and crop videos, and dramatize action sequences in slow motion. This is also the first time muvee is releasing apps in Google Play Store.


UST Global Now a Google Apps Authorized Reseller

Mobility is becoming critical now. From fitness to medicine, everything is going mobile because of apps. Communications and collaborations are getting better with tools and everyday there are variety of new apps getting developed.


Google Search Appliance Version 7.2 Released

Large Enterprises usually have equally large stores of data. Thus, to sort through the complex labyrinth of company information, organizations often turn to search appliances. For example, Google offers an enterprise-focused version of its popular search engine that is designed to help enterprises find information within their own network, called the Google Search Appliance (GSA). Operating as its own rack-based server, GSA aims to make searching internal company records easy.


OKI Brings Google Cloud Print Service to Some of its Multifunction Printers

Printing has always been an integral part of the working process in an organization. With the evolution of technology, print technologies too have evolved alongside. The recent development in the print technology arena that has caught many enterprises' attention is the Cloud Printing.


Google, VMware Team Up to Make Windows Available Via Chromebooks

Even though the PC market is in decline, Google seems to want a piece of the pie. For example, the company recently unveiled a conference-focused Chromebox, a compact desktop computer running Chrome OS, that should appeal to companies looking for a cheap conferencing solution that can also browse the Web and access Google Apps. Google's latest move, though, is an even more focused attack on the PC market.


Google Taps Vidyo for Enterprise Hangouts

Vidyo, Inc. today announced that it is continuing its relationship with Google to enhance the video quality within WebRTC.


Nack Hiring Strong Signal of Google's Desire to Grab Market Share in Digital Photography

It was announced on Tuesday that John Nack, senior product manager for Photoshop, was leaving Adobe to take a similar position with Google. Nack spent 14 years at Adobe, with eight of those years spent on the Photoshop team where he developed features like SmartObjects, Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw.


The New Esna iLink for WebEx Integrates Cisco, Salesforce and Jive

The beauty of information and communications technology (ICT) is it provides applications for total collaboration. No matter where a person is, if the right infrastructure is in place they will be able to express their ideas to their colleagues instantly. As smart mobile devices and 4G networks continue to grow around the world, more than any other time in history it will be possible to bring talents together no matter where they live.


Google Expanding Its Fiber Network to Provo

It wasn't that long ago that dark fiber was something that was relatively rare. Now companies like Google are expanding the high-speed Internet's reach to all corners of the United States. There are certainly some areas of the country that simply weren't ready for the cost that comes along with fiber optic Internet service. Most places are clamoring for the highest Internet speeds they can get. That's likely why VR-Zone is reporting that Google laid down a sizable chunk of money in order to acquire Provo, Utah based ISP, iProvo.


NextPlane Supports Google Hangouts Enabling Collaboration with Business Partners

NextPlane, a provider of B2B UC collaboration and federation services, now offers support for Google Hangouts. Users of Microsoft, Cisco and other unified communications platforms will be able to collaborate with partners using Google Hangouts.


Amika Launches Two Personal Safety Mobile Apps on Google Play Store

Amika Mobile Corporation has announced the launch of two personal safety mobile apps on Google Play Store, which will enable users of the app to send out a panic alert as well as to send out the safe arrival message.


Google Announces Mobile Chrome Compression that Can Cut Data Usage in Half

Google has announced it has added compression to the mobile version of its Chrome browser to help users save bandwidth on their mobile devices.


Neural Network Used to Identify House Numbers in Google Street View

Google Street View-which is used in Google Maps and Google Earth-provides views of many streets found around the world. Initially launched in 2007 in a select number of U.S. cities, it has since expanded to many locations worldwide.


The Fight for Google Apps UC Software

Unified Communications (UC) is the technology that integrates all forms of communication in one place. Implementing UC as a part of a productivity software, especially Google Apps, has been a challenge for companies because Google does not have its own business communications software. Though Google has been experimenting in this field for sometime, it has not yet come with a perfect solution for this problem. Currently, Google Talk offers calling to PSTN numbers while there is some talk about bringing in Google+ for business communications.


Google+ Users Can Send Gmail Messages without Addresses

Google has added a new feature to Google+ that allows users of the social networking site to email each other using Gmail without having to exchange email addresses.


No More Derailment of Sales Leads with TickleTrain's Bespoke App

The secret of good business doesn't end with a sale; in fact, it begins with it, for whether it's a sale in the offing or a sale that's completed, customers and prospects need to be wooed to stay or come on board, and that means keeping in touch and 'following up.' But just thinking of the amount of work that this involves, is de-energizing. Not anymore, TickleTrain has a customized follow-up system for businesses that make this task less of a nightmare.


Lantronix Launches New xPrintServer - Cloud Print Edition Mobile Printing Device

Lantronix, Inc., a global provider of smart M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity solutions, has launched its new xPrintServer - Cloud Print Edition mobile printing device.


Collaboration and the Contingent Workforce

For IT leaders faced with the challenge of prioritizing dozens of strategic and tactical issues, one important trend is emerging that deserves attention sooner rather than later: the expansion of the contingent worker.


Esna and G3 Comms Partner to Extend the Benefit of Officelinx

Partnerships of experts have always helped companies drive their business value. Keeping this as priority, Esna Technologies, a leader in cloud-enabled communication and collaboration software, signed an agreement to partner with G3 Comms, a provider of unified communications and converged network solutions in the UK.


Google Chrome Apps Launch for Macs

Google has been trying to lure even more users over to its web service with the launch of Chrome Apps. While these applications were only available on Chrome or Windows desktops, the apps are finally available for the Mac as well. These applications are web apps that can actually function even without an Internet connection, but they have to be run through the Chrome browser.


Chromecast Now Streaming Web-based Google Play Media

Google Play Music and Google Play Movies & TV can now stream from the Web on Google's Chromecast device. Android and Google aficionados can now cast their favorite song or show from the convenience of the Chrome browser to their television in the living room or family room.


Gmail Image Caching Sends All Data to Google

Google has always had a pretty interesting relationship with privacy, and a new feature just added to Gmail underscores this perfectly. At its simplest, the new feature makes images in emails visible to users by default, which has been billed as a time-saving move and nothing more - but there's a lot more going on than you would think.


Microsoft Launches Tool That Allows For Gmail Importation to

It may not seem like a free email service market would start much of a war, but Microsoft, Yahoo and Google are all waging some sort of a war for subscribers. Microsoft was clearly trailing that particular war until they managed to upgrade and soup up their client. Formerly known as Hotmail, the updated and better email client has been given the same name as its separate, installable client in Outlook. Now Microsoft has launched a whole new salvo in the email wars with the launch of a migration tool.


Google Play Books Update Allows Book Uploads from Any Android Device

Google is trying to make its Google Play app store more user-friendly and has taken quite a few different actions over the last few months in order to do that. The latest update to the app store has to do with Google Play Books. The update, version 3.1.17, is designed to make it easier to upload books directly from devices. It is also said to make opening books that much faster and smoother.


Using Google+ Local to Build a Small Business

Quick: what do you do with Google+ Local except find recommendations for, and directions to, the nearest place to get a good pizza? If you're smart, you'll use it to broaden the reach of your own business. According to Google, one in five searches on its core search engine is related to finding a location.


Zoho Solutions Now Available in the Google Apps Marketplace Experience

While Zoho has long been a sort of competitor with Google Docs, the company has apparently taken the "if you can't beat them, join them approach." The firm recently announced that its applications are now available for download in the Google Apps marketplace experience. The approach to actually team up with Google, while also trying to better it is one that the computing giant itself has taken over the years. While Google and Apple are direct competitors, there are all kinds of applications, such as Gmail available in the iOS app store.


Android 4.4 KitKat Makes its Way to Google Play Edition Devices

We're coming up on almost a month since the Nexus 5's Halloween debut which, in typical Nexus fashion, also brought with it the latest version of Android. As usual, early adopters of Google's new device were able to enjoy Android 4.4 KitKat exclusively for a time, but the rest of the Google-supported family should, at this point, also have access to the new update, delivered over the air (OTA).


Google Migrates YouTube to HTML5 and Its Own 4K Compression

Google is, by virtue of its sheer scale, a tastemaker of sorts. When it throws its weight behind something, it usually has broader market ramifications. Recently, it said that it is eyeing HTML5 as a rich media standard for Web content that could be a viable replacement for Flash and Silverlight, and said that YouTube was migrating to the technology almost wholesale.


Google Maps Candid Camera - Google Captures and Removes Unsettling Images

Google Maps is used by the majority of us for nonchalant daily tasks such as trying to scope out a property before visiting or even just casually browsing the web to see if you can see yourself or your car in the driveway through the images on Google Maps (let's be honest - we've all done it). The convenience and usefulness of Google Maps in order to explore the world has become so acclaimed that Google has even made a Google Maps app for users on the go.


Google Opens App Translation Service to Android Developers

With Android being a worldwide phenomenon, it makes sense that Google wants international apps appearing in its Play Store to work well with Android devices across the globe. That's why the company announced they would be making an app translation service available to all developers. This week, that service became available.


Google Drive Receives Tighter Gmail Integration with Focus on Attachments

It's been roughly a year and a half since Google first attempted to challenge Dropbox for cloud storage dominance by releasing Google Drive. In that time, the service has gathered 120 million active users.


Google Launches Play for Education

Google is inching towards Apple in the educational tablet market with its new app store called Google Play for Education.


CohesiveFT Partners With Google to Offer Superior Services

Cloud technology is making rapid inroads into businesses around the world today. This is mainly because the technical experts of different companies understand the benefits of cloud and its positive impact on business operations. Cloud is now being implemented across various segments of a business, ranging from storage to computing solutions. To make it easier for technology companies to integrate cloud into their operations, companies like Google are offering a broad cloud platform. Using this platform, any IT company can now build its own customized solutions geared to meet its internal as well as client demands.


USC Researchers Report 600 Percent Increase in Google Search Locations

A new report by researchers at USC has found that Google has boosted the number of locations that it uses for search by 600 percent.


Envivio Halo Network Media Processor Now Integrated with Google Widevine DRM

The Envivio Halo network media processor (NMP) has now been integrated with the Google Widevine digital rights management (DRM) using MPEG-DASH and common encryption.


gUnify helps Integrate Google Apps and Carrier Grade Phone Systems

The cloud is evolving and businesses of all sizes are evaluating their unified communications options so that they can re-equip themselves with the necessary tools required in today's changing communications landscape.


Google, PayPal and Aramex Help Middle East Businesses Gain Online Presence

Google, PayPal and Aramex have partnered together for a new website called, which is operated by Jordanian technology start-up ShopGo and provides a platform for businesses to build and customize an online store.


gUnify to Distribute Its Connector for Google Gmail & Salesforce Applications via BroadSoft Marketplace

gUnify recently announced that it will distribute its connector for Google Gmail and for applications via the BroadSoft Marketplace. These applications will now be available for use by service providers through BroadSoft's community of more than 5,000 developers.


Avenza's PDF Maps App Now Available on the Google Play Store

Avenza Systems recently announced the availability of its PDF Maps app for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The newly released PDF Maps app features more than 100,000 detailed maps from well-established publishers, cartographers, government agencies and proponents of outdoor recreational activities. These maps can be downloaded directly from within the app.


Google Expands Same-day Delivery Service

The bigwig apps, Amazon Prime and eBay Now, are bracing themselves for a showdown as Google enters the fray with its same-day delivery service, Google Shopping Express. The giant firm is banking on its brand name and its previous e-commerce initiatives that have made Google a by word to pull off this new venture. It hopes to cater successfully to today's consumer, who lives in the instant era.


Real-time Communication a Breeze with Esna's Revamped Officelinx

Instant access to communication and Real time communication has certainly transformed work places into power centers, and in the age of the Internet, what could be better than have next generation features that help people connect, communicate and collaborate even from Web applications or Web pages?


Google Announces Upgrades to Search, Mobile Apps

Last week, Google marked its 15-year anniversary by bringing members of the media to the original Google House and talking about the future of the company. Among those talks was a renewed sense of focus on making its search function as good as anything anyone had ever seen. The company officially announced a revamping to its search algorithm. The changes to the SEO search tool actually got implemented about a month ago, but the company just went public with the change.


Appirio to Provide Customer Success Services for Google Apps

Appirio, a services provider that uses crowd sourcing and cloud, social and mobile technology to help enterprises reimagine their business and become more agile, recently announced that Google has allowed the company to provide Customer Success Services (CSS) for Google Apps.


Google Phasing Out NPAPI-based Plugins

While Netscape was once a power in the Internet browser market, Google just announced that it will be deactivating the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) in Chrome.


Google Hangouts Getting Interactivity Upgrade

Google has been working hard to make its products something that people from all walks of life are likely to lean on. That means everything from Google Docs to Google + has been getting upgraded in order to make them that much more indispensable. Google + in particular is making a march from something that was strictly a social networking tool, to something that can actually be used more easily in a business setting.


Cloud Sherpas Acquires UK Google Apps Partner Stoneburn

Cloud Sherpas, a cloud broker, recently acquired Stoneburn, a U.K.-based technology and IT consulting firm and a Google Apps partner.


Google Launches New Suite of Chrome Desktop Apps

When you think of Google, the first thing that comes to the mind is its search engine, its Web browser, its OS, but the search giant is apparently spreading its wings in another direction by entering the world of desktop apps, and it chose to do it on Google Chrome's fifth birthday.


BetterCloud Takes Away FlashPanel's Beta Tag, Intros Paid Plans for Businesses, Non-profits

FlashPane, a flagship product of BetterCloud, has recently been advanced from beta to a paid product offering.


Google Play Store Saw 1,000 Fraudulent Apps in August Alone

Fraudulent apps are a problem for everybody. From app stores to the users of said app store products, getting a fraudulent app can put a real damper on someone's day. But a recent report from Symantec suggests that the problem may be quite a bit bigger than anyone may have suspected, revealing that, just in August, the Google Play Store saw nearly 1,000 fraudulent apps submitted, and many of these were even downloaded by users.


Facebook and Google Take Big Slices of Global Mobile Ad Market

When it comes to the larger overall market for mobile advertising, the clear winner in the field is Google, which by itself represents over half the market. But there are signs that other competitors are gaining, and mobile advertising is getting some big new names involved, like Facebook, which recently saw huge gains in the market.


Vellum Interactive Releases Immersive Story-driven Mobile Puzzle Game

Vellum Interactive, a small, independently-funded game studio, recently introduced their newest mobile game called Telekinesis Kyle, which is available to download for free on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.


Syniverse Unveils Google Play Billing for KPN Group

Syniverse, a provider of cloud-based solutions, unveiled its Google Play billing for KPN Group, a telecommunications and information technology service provider. The new solution is designed to enable one-click buying from Google's app store and lets KPN Group give a secure payment option for its customers with Android phones.


Bamboo Group Releases Ringtonium on Google Play

While it might be one of the best kept secrets in the technology world, Google Play has actually seen more downloads than Apple has when comparing the app stores side by side. Google Play is often considered the ugly step-child to the iOS app store, but Google Play actually passed Apple's app store downloads by about 10 percent earlier this month.


Innovode Unveils Armor Encryption for Google Drive

Want to take control of your own data security? Innovode Ltd.'s new Armor encryption for Google Drive can be the solution.


Texthelp's Read&Write Now Offers Features for Students with Learning Disabilities

Texthelp Inc., a provider of award-winning literacy software solutions, has announced that the newly released Read&Write for Google makes education accessible for those with learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties, or English Language Learners.


Google Play Downloads Surpass Apple's App Store

A few years ago, Apple had the lead with its iPhone and app store. It generated enormous amounts of revenue from app downloads. However, Google Play is catching up.


Google Steps Up Analytics with Real-Time Reporting API

It's been two and a half years since Google launched Real Time Analytics, a tool that has found a home with many engaging in the practice of marketing. But while Real Time Analytics has offered a lot of value, there were certain points of the system that even Google noted could stand some refining, putting more power overall in the process of analytics.


Baudville Gets the Coveted 'Google Trusted Stores' Badge

Baudville has received the coveted Google Trusted Stores badge for its commitment toward customer service and enhancing the shopping experience of its customers.


Google Play Will Soon Let Students Buy, Rent Textbooks

Schools and colleges start in just a few weeks for millions of students, and there's one piece of news that will make many students very happy. Google will let customers purchase or rent textbooks for tablets through the Google Play store.


Amiga Games' Titles to be Published via Google Play Android

Los Angeles-based content distribution company Writers' Group Film and its subsidiary Amiga Games (AGI) have announced today that Google has approved AGI to publish its gaming titles via the Google Play Android marketplace.


Egnyte's New Solution Unifies Google Drive Document Collaboration

The 1983 IBM PC/XT had an internal 10MB HDD, which was state of the art at the time. Today you can carry terabytes of data on the same amount of space of that hard drive. However, it doesn't seem be enough for consumers who are demanding more storage.


Digisocial Launches on Google Play

New social media tools seem to pop up every day, and while the undisputed kings of the hill are still Facebook and Twitter, other companies are looking for new and innovative ways to get into the social media game. Digisocial is one of those companies that is trying its best to break into the social media business.


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