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Google Adds 'Insert Photo' Button for Mobile Gmail, Uses Google+'s Auto Backup Feature

Google, the search engine giant and corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products, has one of the most popular e-mail services in the world: Gmail. It is said to have the most powerful digital platform of today, according to a report from Forrester Research. When it comes to free Web-based e-mail, whether for business or personal use, Google Gmail is a users' favorite. It is easy to use and allows the synchronization of a user account to several computers and mobile devices. Many people use it because it has met their specific needs: it is simple, dependable and safe.


Google Removes Restrictions on Live Streaming for Chromecast

In July 2013, Google unveiled its TV dongle, Google Chromecast, allowing customers to watch internet streams directly on their television sets. All a person has to do is plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port of their TV, and they will be able to watch Netflix, Youtube and other forms of internet content directly on their TV. For only $35, the Chromecast seemed like a pretty good deal, however when first unveiled, there was a major restriction on its Youtube streaming service that perhaps lowered the value of the TV dongle. Android Police, a website that focuses on breaking news about Android products, revealed on April 9 that this might be changing.


Will CertainSafe's MicroTokenization End Mass Security Breaches?

Hacking and online theft is on the rise. Mobile users all over the world must find safer ways of sharing information without being worried about someone stealing it. To help users protect themselves from cyber criminals, CertainSafe launched an Android app -version 1.04 that encrypts files so securely it will keep hackers guessing.


Google Adds Profile and Page Views to Google+

Google has been making some interesting moves among its products in order to try and spur more use of services like Google+. The most recent move seems to indicate that the Internet giant understands that more and more people are using Google+ to advance their professional careers and are especially interested in online writing and sharing of links. The newest change to Google+ profiles is one that allows people to see exactly how many followers they have and how many page views they have racked up.


Google Enterprise Honors VIWO with the 2013 SMB Special Contribution Award for North America

VIWO, a premier cloud solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles, recently received the prestigious 2013 SMB Special Contribution Award for North America, from Google Enterprise.


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Drive Live Communications
Connecting and communicating with others has never been easier with time saving tools like location awareness and find me/follow me which ensure that important calls don't get missed. Collaborate on the go by using speech to navigate your emails, contacts and calendar and use fixed-mobile convergence to move calls from one device to another.

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Esnatech links University of Maine System's voice network to Google™ cloud

The esnatech solution enabled us to quickly integrate unified messaging and, by moving to a single platform, we've been able to increase collaboration."
- Todd Boynton, UC Analyst, University of Maine